Simon Litvinov (CEO) and Dmitrii Kislenko (CPO) — co-founders of Precision Navigation Systems.

Precision Navigation Systems OÜ (PRNS) is a spin-off and successor of Industrial Geodetic Systems R&D (IGS R&D) — research and development company based in Omsk, Russia. PRNS is founded by the core team members of IGS R&D — Simon Litvinov, CEO and Dmitrii Kislenko, CPO — to adapt and further develop the existing technologies for the international markets.

The team is working together since 2010. 

Anton Belokrylov, CTO, Software Engineer.
Sergey Sorokin, Advisor, CEO of IGS R&D.
Alex Mamoutine, Advisor, Hardware Engineer.
Sergei Tymentsev, Advisor, Hardware Engineer.
Gennady Dubinin, Advisor, Hardware Engineer.
Grigory Belokrylov, Firmware developer.