HIVE interface.

What is HIVE?

HIVE is a service to process GNSS observations — receive, archive, convert to the desired format and deliver to the customer via realtime streaming or downloadable archives. HIVE consists of:
  1. A back-end server software, collecting and processing GNSS data from a global network of reference stations, as well as handling the customer requests for navigation information.
  2. A web service to discover, request, and configure the solution required for the specific case; as well as tools for administrators to monitor the state of the system and perform maintenance.
  3. Cloud storage to accumulate terabytes of GNSS information, organized in a scalable, reliable, and easy-to-access system.

In 2014 the team of Precision Navigation Systems rolled out HIVE in Russia. Nowadays HIVE is the biggest GNSS data operator there.

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HIVE for GNSS CORS owners 

Establish and scale your network in a sustainable and effortless way

Leksand SWEPOS reference station. Photo by Johan @Flickr.

GNSS CORS owners traditionally buy software licenses for network management, deploy the software on private physical servers, and hire local administrators. HIVE eliminates these unnecessary costs; its cloud infrastructure allows scaling CORS networks indefinitely and drives software ownership costs to zero.

HIVE is a free online platform for GNSS reference station owners that gathers raw GNSS data from any number of ground-based permanent reference stations, stores it in a cloud and delivers RINEX files and RTK corrections to end-users.

Why should you choose HIVE?

  1. Free service. Yes, there is a 100% free plan available that includes an infinite data storage for your observation data.

  2. Striking scalability. For a single reference station or a small local cluster to a large regional network — HIVE is a super-scalable solution in both functionality and geographic coverage area.

  3. Stability guarantee. HIVE is deployed and functioning 24/7 on reliable servers. You’ll be able to easily get access to your data from any device connected to the internet.

  4. Intelligent compatibility. Connect your mobile reference station, permanent CORS, or station network to HIVE. HIVE collects data streams from different kinds of sources with permanent status tracking and automated reconnection.

  5. Risk-free. If you already use any software for CORS management but still eager to try HIVE, you won’t need to dismiss it or change your business processes. HIVE might be used simultaneously and work as a smart back up.

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HIVE for GNSS CORS data users 

HIVE helps its users access RTK corrections and RINEX in less than 3 minutes

Autonomous cars.
Land surveyors.

With the help of the existing reference stations, users optimize surveying equipment costs, don't waste time and effort on the protection of their mobile reference stations, and with Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning technology increase the productivity of surveying work by more than twice.

The signing up process is fully automated — users receive NTRIP account settings and can download RINEX files immediately after registration, which takes less than two minutes.


  • Land Surveying. HIVE delivers high accuracy positioning to professional land surveyors and engineering applications, e.g. building and monitoring bridges, towers, highways, and dams.
  • Construction. GNSS RTK positioning is an integral part of road surveying, constructions, and most civil engineering applications.
  • GIS. HIVE plays a central role in projects that require high-precision mapping: utility mapping, asset management and GIS data collection. 
  • Agriculture. HIVE delivers consistent, high precision solutions to rovers used in a variety of agricultural applications such as cropping, fertilization and land-leveling. 
  • For other applications and actual use cases go HERE.

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