GR GNSS Receivers

GR220 GNSS based on Trimble BD970

GR is applied for geodetic and navigation tasks as a source of coordinates, velocity vector, and precise time calculated by the GNSS signals (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS) anywhere on the globe, anytime, and independently of weather conditions. Such measurements are needed in geodetic surveying, construction, cartography, vehicle piloting and any other tasks solvable with the aforementioned data.

GR is enclosed in a metal case protecting it from damages in harsh environments. L2C signal tracking provides a more precise solution and cross-correlation in case of weak satellite signals.

GR supports such features as AdVance RTK – an operation algorithm for real-time precise positioning, AL1GN – calculating vector between two receivers and attitude of the moving vehicle, GL1DE – smoothing filter for precise repeatability of results and RAIM – increasing integrity of GNSS data (pseudo ranges). Built-in API allows the development and usage of custom software using С/С++ language, executed and run in the receiver itself.

GR could be used for precise positioning both in real-time (RTK) and post-processing. It is well-suited to be used as a sensor for the monitoring systems of technical constructions or natural objects. It is a perfect solution for integration in different systems because of its small size and weight. The device configuration and data collection could be done remotely.

GR supports a series of OEM GNSS boards that could be plugged into:

  • Trimble BD990, BD970;
  • Novatel OEM729, OEM628, OEM615;
  • others.
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