GSM-modem GM114 is suited for transmission of data streams (differential corrections, raw measurements) in the GNSS station networks via a cellular network. The major advantage of GSM RTK over classical RTK using radio modems is that acquiring a license of radiofrequency usage is not required; also a direct line of sight between the reference station and the rover is not needed, and the price of GSM modem set is less than that of a radio modem.

Having a built-in storage battery GM114 can work in the data transfer mode for about 6 hours without external power supply. The built-in Bluetooth module allows performing work without using cable connections.

NTRIP protocol support in the receiver is not needed! An implementation of NTRIP protocol in the modem allows legacy receivers that do not have NTRIP support, such as Trimble 5700, to be used in the NTRIP and TCP/IP modes.

The modem is compact and enclosed in a metal case which provides reliable protection during surveying works. On the GM114 face panel all diagnostic indications required for work, power button and SIM card slot are present.

Comparing with the previous modem version, storage battery capacity is 4 times more, and also after a customers’ requests support of chained connection of several modems is implemented.

Base features of GM114 software

  • Operation modes: "Base" and "Rover"
  • Connection modes: CSD and GPRS
  • Communication over NTRIP protocol as a caster, server, or client
  • Dynamic DNS support
  • Practical AT command interface
  • Connection profiles and other configuration is stored in non-volatile memory


  • Dynamic DNS support
  • Built-in NTRIP protocol
  • TCP/IP support
  • GSM CSD support

Distinctive features

  • "Base" and "Rover" operation modes
  • Aluminum profile water-proof case
  • Built-in high-capacity storage battery
  • Ability to connect several modems in chain
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