GNSS tracking at Asbestos open pit

The view of open-pit asbestos mine near Asbest, Russia.

The open-pit is situated next to Asbest, the city of the same name as the mining mineral. The sizes of the open pit are 11 km length, 2,5 km width, 350 m depth.

HIVE interface helps to track a GNSS receiver used at the open-pit mining.
GNSS tracking provided in HIVE interface.

The user gets the following primary information about connection:

  • reference station name used for positioning mount point name;
  • amount of traffic used;
  • timeframes of work.

...and particular tracking point on the graph:

  • time (UTC format);
  • solution type (color on the map: Fixed RTK – green, Float RTK – yellow, DGPS – orange, autonomous – red);
  • length between the tracking point and a reference station;
  • point’s coordinates (WGS-84).

GNSS tracking improves management at a mine by:

  • Quickly locating specific vehicles
  • Track valuable assets (generators, mixers, trailers)
  • Reducing wasted time
  • Identify idle items or speeding vehicles.
  • Alarm operator on speed, idle, and location violations.
  • Enforcing work-zones.
  • Reduce theft.
  • Log all vehicle activity to a database for later analysis, replay, or reporting.
  • Create daily, weekly, and monthly vehicle usage reports.

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