GNSS CORS Operator

HIVE web interface (map and reference station passport).

HIVE is a marketplace that connects GNSS reference stations and provides RTK-corrections and RINEX data for post-processing.

HIVE forms an infrastructure that helps its users to achieve their objectives using high-precision measurements. Users apply GNNS technology for various purposes: commercial, safety-of-life or recreational. As a range of applications of GNNS technology is constantly growing due to progress in science and technology, there are still a number of industries where high-accuracy GNSS techniques are in-use: surveying, mining, and construction, high-precision agriculture, GIS applications, autonomous vehicles and unmanned systems, defense, marine, science, and others.

With this in mind, the project team is constantly surrounding HIVE with additional services that provide more value to data users and reference station owners.

At the moment HIVE is the biggest ground-based GNSS-infrastructure in Russia and consists of 600+ reference stations in 80 regions. More than 3000 Russian land-surveyors tried HIVE.

Regardless of a client’s company size HIVE, as an infrastructure provider, able to cover the most of user requirements:

  • easy access to the data from about 600 stations in 80 regions through a single user-friendly interface;
  • a number of pricing plans depending on the client’s business size and workload along with several overdraft options;
  • monitor company staff workload and efficiency through a special company profile page designed for company managers. There is also a service that tracks rovers that were in use and provides the following information: when and where works were done, solution type at each tracking point and a whole trajectory shown on the map;
  • use HIVE as an NTRIP–caster for a temporarily deployed and mobile reference stations;
  • get an instant SMS-notification if a particular reference station goes online/offline.

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