GNSS CORS Network Management Software

Geodetika LLC reference stations connected to HIVE in Russia.

Industrial geodetic systems R&D cooperates with existing commercial structures (dealers and integrators) in order to provide the best user experience and value to B2B clients and end-users. Geodetika LLC is one of the biggest partners of ours. The company sells land-surveying equipment and services to businesses and deploys ground-based reference stations in order to provide satellite observation data to clients.

Starting points:

  • Geodetika LLC company has 280 stations in 50+ Russian regions;
  • the company needed a flexible reference station management software that connects their existing ground-based reference stations into one network and an ability to provide custom tariff plans to their clients.

Our main areas of responsibility:

  • connect all the existing and upcoming reference stations to HIVE;
  • set up custom tariff plans for Geodetika LLC clients;
  • provide fast and qualified technical support for both Geodetika LLC tech staff and end-users;
  • provide reference stations usage monitoring abilities to Geodetika LLC managers.

In fact, the business clients of Geodetika LLC are users of HIVE, as they create their own HIVE accounts, register their organizations and manage their staff through HIVE interface.

Products used