GNSS CORS cluster in Primorsky Krai

GNSS reference stations connected to HIVE in Primorsky Krai with 50km working radius. A screenshot of HIVE web interface.

HIVE is a reference station management software that allows each reference station owner to connect his/her station to HIVE and start working with RTK or download RINEX files for post-processing effortlessly.

Using HIVE we connected reference stations from the Primorsky Krai region to the network. The reference stations owners received the following benefits:

  • free software that performs satellite observation data collection, storage, processing, and delivery;
  • an instrument that helps to monetize their reference stations by giving access to satellite data to third-party users;
  • a solution that helps each reference station owner administrate employees’ accounts through a company account.

Company Name


CORS amount

Сadastral Survey LLC

Artyom, Chernigovka, Arsenyev, Chuguyevka, Bolshoy Kamen


Geodetika LLC

Ussuriysk, Vladivostok


Prospector-2 LLC



Products used