Nowadays, there are masses of use cases where precise GNSS positioning, navigation, tracking plays the central role. And the number is continuously growing due to progress in science and technology.

Traditionally, high-accuracy GNSS techniques are in use in the following industries: surveying, mining, construction, high-precision agriculture, GIS applications, autonomous vehicles and unmanned systems, defense, marine, science, and others. Regardless of an application, end-users have to access GNSS ground infrastructure (in other words, GNSS Correction Services) to receive GNSS correction information and enhance their performance and precision, enabling positioning accuracies down to and below the centimeter-level.

We at Precision Navigation Systems have a great experience participating in projects of different level, scale and budget providing support and developing all nodes of GNSS ground infrastructure:

  • permanent ground-based GNSS reference stations;
  • mobile GNSS reference stations;
  • GNSS sensors (for deformation monitoring systems);
  • communication equipment;
  • software.
Here are some of the projects of different levels, where the team of Precision Navigation Systems participated applying its products and expertise.

Company level

Regional Level

National Level