Track record and information for investors

Precision Navigation Systems was founded and invested by Startup Wise Guys in 2018. The founders of the company figured out a strategy that focused on the following areas:

  1. credibility (gain trust among the B2B/B2G sector as a team coming from Russia); 
  2. research: tests and pilots with the incoming leads, customer development, customer discovery activities (form a product strategy and a business model);
  3. awareness (spread the word about the technology to support the abovementioned areas and gain leads for customer development).

Key events and milestones


  • Graduated from Startup Wise Guys Accelerator (B2B SaaS, Batch 10).
  • The team took part and won the  Take Off Istanbul Competition (nomination: Logistics, Space Technology and Defence) at International Startup Summit at Teknofest.
  • Galileo Masters 2018: Became a regional winner of European Satellite Navigation Challenge 2018 in Estonia.
  • Galileo Masters 2018: 3rd best idea of ESNC European GNSS Agency Special Prize 2018 (WHEN AND WHERE? – EXACT TIMING AND POSITIONING MATTERS! — the most innovative PNT downstream application leveraging EGNSS differentiators).